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After showing a few photos and “teaser” clips of the Trek4TEF video about the Everest Base Camp trek, we are now ready to show the full 11 minute video. I hope it gives you some insight to what this adventure was and how powerfully this story has gone forth bearing amazing fruit.

Eli to Everest! wasn’t just about a young man with Down Syndrome setting a record of sorts. It was about the parallels of life with disability to that of treacherous mountain trails. We hope that this story encourages people, churches, and communities to engage those impacted by disability by pointing them to Jesus, the only hope we have in dark valleys of suffering and for summits of epic proportion.

Over the weeks following our return from Nepal we received numerous emails from folks all over the world who had heard, saw, or read about this adventure. We were given opportunities to open people’s eyes to the needs of the disabled and display God’s glory in the midst of disability. We estimate over 40 Million people all over the world encountered this story – in greater than 40 countries!

After much thought, discussion, and prayer Eli and a team of people will be attempting another trek to raise awareness about disability and to raise funds for TEF ministry projects. In June of 2014, Eli and our Team will set out for Tanzania, Africa and the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Eli desires to do this and do so with his eldest sister, Noelle, and any others who would like to team up with him. We pray and trust that the Lord will use this next adventure to impact the world for God’s glory and the good of the disabled. Join us!

Please take the time to watch the video. We trust it will be an encouragement to you!

We are so blessed by the work of Gary Christenson in acting as the Director of Photography while shooting amazing images as he supported Eli up the trail. This video is a result of Gary’s vision for the photographic and videographic journey of the Trek. Simpling an amazingly gifted man.

Nathan Strubhar captured the amazing video footage and endured much struggle and triumph along the trail. Nate captured stunning shot after stunning shot as we battled the elements together.

Elizabeth Fischer edited and produced this video throwing her creative prowess and story-telling eye to this adventure. Her amazing work shines through while also highlighting the skills of Gary and Nathan. She expertly choreographed the excellent music of Josh Garrels to complement this story. Credit to Josh Garrels for the music rights for this film.

Finally, a special thanks to Eli’s awesome Team who braved this trail with him and were his community of support along the way. Thank you Kevin, Lisa, Tim, Gary, Nate, Meghan, and Carly! We owe you a debt of gratitude.

Each of these friends sacrificed much to bring this together, for that we are deeply grateful. Thank you guys!

Please consider supporting the work of The Elisha Foundation as we pursue Christ-centered transformation in the lives of people impacted by disability. Thank you!

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